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We specialize in lease purchase/rent to own for buyers, as well as owner financing. So many buyers today think they cannot get into a home with bad credit, bankruptcy or other challenges. Others may have multiple properties and don’t want to deal with another conventional mortgage. Fact is that approximately 82% of the population has that challenge or similar. We can get you into a home. There’s nothing wrong with a challenge or two that may have caused a credit score drop, or not wanting to deal with banks for any other reasons. What’s wrong is doing nothing about it. Let us help you. Bad credit or no credit no problem. Click Here to Take the First Step.

If you are selling a home we can purchase it – any price, condition or area, any size. We also can pay cash and close in 5-7 days from clear title or structure a lease/purchase for you. Whether you cannot sell for the price you want, owe more than your home is worth or have other challenges, we can structure a purchase with you.

This is NOT just for those examples listed above for buyers and sellers. We have sellers that owe nothing on their home but our options work better than a conventional sale; we have buyers with great credit that have other reasons to purchase through us.

Pre Holdings, LLC, Pre Property Solutions and affiliated or subsidiary companies (“Pre Holdings”) are not real estate brokers or agents. Pre Holdings is a real estate investment company with over 25 years experience. We are members of the Chamber of Commerce and Better Business Bureau. All properties are either owned by Pre Holdings or the company has a purchase contract and/or option with the owner of the property, which Pre Holdings may assign to third parties. Pre Holdings is not a real estate brokerage and does not provide realtor services to the public, or to any of the parties to which it has contractual relationships.

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