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How This Works

How This Works For Tenant/Buyers.

Unlike most websites, we do not charge visitors interested in our listings to view the properties. Additionally you may submit your questions, request a property viewing or show interest after becoming a member to our web site. Membership is free! When submitting a request for contact form, we do require your contact information so we can follow up on your questions and/or interest. Answering questions, by email, text, engage in a live phone call or schedule an appointment for a property showing is prioritized based upon those who have certificates of eligibility from being first and given highest consideration.

Eligibility certificates are issued based upon standards which mirror underwriting guidelines but allow for a realistic futuristic outlook. Since rent-to-own differs from outright purchase by adding time to the qualification process it is recognized a tenant / buyer can affect his / her situation over this extra time. Enrolling in professional services which provide the framework to assist in navigating a tenant buyer through the rent to own process is strongly recommended.

Certificates will be issued based upon debt to income ratios, credit worthiness and other relative criteria. Most competitive web sites charge ~ $50 monthly access fees, promise or “tease” people with homes that are similar to their request but are not being offered as rent-to-own properties. We provide property data free. Our application fee is $50 and it will produce your certificate.

In summary, your certificate includes:

  1. Approximate amount of property you can buy based upon stated income and current debts
  2. Advice and “what if” technology to see what effect reducing debt would have on eligibility
  3. If needed, an introduction to a credit enhancement specialist
  4. Sharing of your certificate of eligibility with property owners as you specify
  5. Unlimited access to future properties on our web site, even if your certificate is expired

Certificates are valid for 90 days.

complete application to obtain certificate of eligibility

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Get your property seen using one of our Property Listing Packages (single listing) or Membership Packages (multiple listings).  We have a  professional staff working diligently to drive web traffic. We will also expose your listing to a database of people who are either in credit repair or have recently completed credit restoration.

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Why Rent To Own

Are you fed up with throwing away your hard earned money every month on rent? Do you want to put your family into a beautiful place they can call home? What’s stopping you? Credit? Past Issues? With a rent to own property, you don’t have to face the immediate scrutiny that lenders will put you through, even if you have what they think are problems.

Benefits of rent to own a home through a lease purchase:

  • Low option consideration (less down payment).
  • Many past credit problems can be corrected or deleted from your report while living in the home.
  • Less up front qualifying restrictions.
  • Purchase price is agreed upon and locked in ahead of time.
  • You are able to live in the house, check out the area and house thoroughly before purchasing the house.
  • Appreciation of property value works in your favor since the purchase price has been agreed upon prior to taking possession of the property. Any build of equity between move in date and purchase date is yours when you exercise your purchase option!
  • Option fee is fully credited to toward the purchase of the house.
  • Part of the rent payment every month may credited toward the purchase price, which can also be used to offset closing costs.
  • You may be able to negotiate work for equity with the seller.
  • Live in the home while your income becomes documentable (self-employed).
  • We work directly with loan officers to assist you in obtaining permanent financing.

What is required to qualify for a lease purchase property?

Great question!! When you apply for a lease purchase property, there are some main items that are being reviewed and that are being looked for:

  • A Down payment – amount to be agreed upon by you and the landlord/seller
  • Debt to Income Ratio Analysis – We will make certain the lease/mortgage payments are within your budget and meet underwriting guidelines. For this step you will need to provide your income documentation
  • Credit report score to be above minimum underwriting standards OR you must be enrolled in credit restoration / enhancement with My Credit Team.

The total amount required for move in is the Option Fee plus the first month’s payment. It’s that easy! The first step to accomplishing your goal of home ownership begins by completing your application to obtain a certificate of eligibility.